"ABI" Progress is a new company. It was founded on April 19, 2001 by a team of workers with industrial experience. Extraordinary development of the company since its establishment
its, is the result of serious work, commitment and professionalism of the management team and workers.
This project has been guided with the help of rational economy and based on the exploration of available natural resources. Since then, "ABI" Progres gained confirmation, in the country and the region, as a producer of quality and healthy products.
The marketing style of "ABI" Progres is known as proactive and professional. Today, "ABI" Progres is the most important processor of fruits and vegetables in Kosovo.
With competent leadership and a team of workers, "ABI" Progres is capable of meeting current and future needs. Thanks to the handling of quality and sales organization, "ABI" Progres managed to sell 70 different products that are widespread with
success in the local market and abroad (export).
Assortments of "ABI" Progres:
Processed vegetables: jam, marmalade, boiled fruit (compote) Processed vegetables: pickles, mixed pickles, green beans, peas, cucumbers, pasteurized peppers, ketchup, ajvar, pepperoni, tomato sauce, red turnips, vine leaves, etc. .
Mayonnaise Within the factory there is also a refrigerator with deep freezing up to -32 ̊ C with a capacity of 5000 tons.
Centuries of knowledge and experience
Traditional Albanian products have been produced in this aspect with an experience for several generations, known as Progres brand products.
Progres brand products, types of kekap, jam, marmalades, mixed salads, mixed vegetables, etc.; are produced on an area of 10,000 m2 (closed place) and 85,000 m2 in an open field in the Prizren region, by the company "ABI" Progres. Export agreements with European countries such as Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro give special motivation and strength to the production brand Progres.