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“ABI” Progress is a new company. It is founded on 19 April 2001 by the team of workers with industrial experience. The extraordinary development of the company since its foundation, is the result of serious work, commitment and professionalism of the team leaders and workers.


This project has been led with the help of rational economy and based on the exploration of natural resources available. Since then the “ABI” Progress won confirmation, the country and the region, as manufacturers of quality products and sound.


Marketing style “ABI” Progress is known as proactive and professional.

Today, “ABI” Progress is important processor with fruits and vegetables, in Kosovo.


Thanks to quality treatment and sales organization, “ABI” Progress managed to calm on sale 70 different products that are spread successfully in the domestic market and abroad (export).


Assortments of “ABI” Progress:


Processed fruit, jam, marmalade, boiled fruit (compote)

Processed vegetables: gjyveq, mixed pickles, green beans, peas, cucumbers, peppers pasteurized, ketchup, ajvar, feferona, tomato sauce, Repa red vine leaf etc. mayonnaise


Within the factory is the refrigerator with deep freeze up to -32˚ C with a capacity of 5,000 tonnes.


Knowledge and experience of the centuries


Albanian traditional products have been produced in this respects the experience for some generations, known as branded products manufacturing progress. Progress brand products, types of ketchup, jam, marmelade, mixed salad, mixed vegetables, etc; produced in an area of 10,000 m2 (closed place) and 85.000 m2 open area in the region of Prizren, by the company “ABI” Progress. Arrangements for export to European countries such as Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, provide motivation and strength to mark special manufacturing progress.


The place where quality and taste meet


The tradition of producing natural products and good quality, which continues for generations, are the reasons that make Progress products among the most important items of food. Progress offers products, where with the help of modern technological devices, each of which is produced under hygienic conditions. All Progress products, produced under the control of a team of professionals, provided under the Food Industry guarantee “ABI” Progress.